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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / MV tut gut

Stepenitz and Maurine Lowlands


Feature Description
Administrative district(s) or town: North-west Mecklenburg
Size: 5.01 square kilometres
Reserve since: 1990
Location: The Stepenitz and Maurine lowlands are delimitated by the towns of Dassow, Schönberg and Rodenberg.

Melt water from the ice age shaped the valleys of Stepenitz and Maurine. These valleys started turning boggy when the sea level rose approximately 16,000 years ago at the beginning of the Holocene, the present interglacial period.

The marsh area and lowlands were regularly cultured until 1970, and then reeds and sedge reeds spread here. In the lower course of the Stepenitz lie brackwater-influenced reeds and salt meadows, where salt-tolerant plants thrive.

The waters are inhabited by brook lamprey, brook trout, minnows and bull heads. The reeds and the marsh area are the habitat of the corn crake, the common snipe and the Savi’s warbler. However, the grass snake and the European adder are at home here, too. Extensive parts of the lowlands are not accessible. However, nature enthusiasts have the possibility to explore the salt meadows on a corduroy path between Dassow and Lütgenhof Castle.

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