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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / MV tut gut

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approx. 2,000 inhabitants

Eating, healing, dying - in the Middle Ages special plants were grown for all these purposes. You can admire a large variety of such useful plants in the open-air museum of Penkun.

Photo: Amt Löcknitz-Penkun

Coming into Penkun on the Oder-Neiße bicycle path, you will soon be impressed by the tower of the Renaissance castle. In the old days you wouldn't want to have met the executioner. Today however, you can meet him in the castle museum without being afraid.

Historical facts

The community of Penkun developed under the protection of a fortress, whose construction had already been reported in 1198. A document mentioned a village in the year 1240. Scarcely 30 years later there were already written reports about the town of Penkun. In 1600 the family von der Schulenburg changed the fortress into a Renaissance castle.

For centuries town fires repeatedly struck and destroyed Penkun, the last time in 1854. For this reason most of the houses date back to the second half of the 19th century. The commitment of the people of Penkun, among others, enabled the preservation of the castle. Restoration began in 1991.

Stettiner Tor 2
17328 Penkun

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